September 2019 16
ITU Search update
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A new space has recently been added to allow in-depth research into the collection  of  ITU core texts, such as resolutions and decisions of ITU assemblies. As of today, the following core texts are covered

September 2019 12
Improved Liaison Statement search page
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A more modern interface has been developed to search Liaison Statements sent and received by ITU-T groups – While the classic incoming and outgoing interfaces remain available, delegates are invited to use the improved

January 2019 24
New feature in MyWorkspace: Automatic translation
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A new translation application has been added to MyWorkspace, which supports translation from English into the other official languages of the Union (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish). Two translation options are available: – Text fragments, e.g.,

April 2018 18
Changes in ITU HQs WiFi access points
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Starting tonight 18 April 2018, the wireless ID “ITUwifi” will only be available to devices that support the 5 GHz frequency band. This helps to ensure better performance for newer devices that supports the 5

March 2018 15
MyWorkspace enhancement: Version 2.0
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An enhanced version of MyWorkspace is now available for TIES users, providing a simpler interface and a wider range of personalized services, which now includes: Meeting documents; Mailing list subscriptions; Calendar view of current and

March 2018 15
New registration system for ITU-T meetings
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As announced in TSB Circular 68, a new registration system for ITU-T events is being introduced. The new system will use Focal Point validation for registration requests, this means that: Meeting participants will need to

January 2018 23
New ITU-T Workspace
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TSB is pleased to announce MyWorkspace, a personalized webpage for TIES users that provides easy access to the information and services most valued by ITU-T delegates, including: Meeting documents; Mailing list subscriptions; Calendar view current

May 2017 09
Updates to the ITU-T Document Sync Application
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A new version of the ITU-T Document Sync Application for all study groups is now available at:  With effect from today, earlier versions of the Document Sync Application will no longer work. Please make

February 2017 14
New ITU-T Search Engine
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A new search engine developed by the ITU Standardization Bureau is now available from the ITU-T homepage. This search engine will allow you to easily find your relevant ITU-T documents, publications and other resources, in