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Posted By : tsbtech
New ITU-T Workspace

TSB is pleased to announce MyWorkspace, a personalized webpage for TIES users that provides easy access to the information and services most valued by ITU-T delegates, including:

  • Meeting documents;
  • Mailing list subscriptions;
  • Calendar view current and future events;
  • Advanced search features (including TIES-protected content, and keyword-based resources);
  • Personalized profile and links; and more.

A trial version of these features has been under review for some months, and the platform remains under continuous development.

Further enhancements will be released in the coming months based on your feedback (tsbitdev@itu.int).

TSB presented these tools to ITU-T SG11 and SG13 delegates in November 2017. Respective slides are available here.

For quick access to MyWorkspace, click this icon at the top of the ITU-T homepage:

MyWorkspace icon