- August
Posted By : tsbtech
Change of security configuration for FTP access to ITU servers

After changes introduced by the ITU IT department, the security settings of FTP clients may need to be updated for accessing ITU servers such as ifa.itu.int and ftp3.itu.int.

The plain text (insecure) configuration for FTP access has been disabled, and FTP clients need to be set to “Require implicit FTP over TLS” or an equivalent setting. The exact naming of this option will change slightly from client to client, but if the correct option is chosen if the default port is reported as 990.

Examples below given for Filezilla (Win10) and AndFTP (Android) on the left and right, respectively.

Please note that this change does not affect the FTP access via the web browser (read-only using HTTPS).

Do not hesitate to contact us or Service Desk (ServiceDesk@itu.int) directly for more information.